ANAC - Commercial Pilot Licence (Including Theory and Private Pilot Licence)

Course Duration : Approximately 52 weeks

Course Fee : AUD $45,085 (Including GST as applicable and all service fees)

Admission Requirements
· Completion of a Class 1 Medical
· English Language Proficiency to IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

Privileges of Licence :
On completion of your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) you can be paid to work as a pilot under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). This means that you could conduct such work as VFR charter, VFR tourist flights, Crop Dusting, Fish Spotting etc.

Please note: When you train for a CPL with Multi Engine Instrument Rating, you will conduct your PPL as a preliminary step in your training. This is included as part of this package and is included in the fee of AUD $45,085.

Course fee includes:

1. Flying


* Dual - Flight training with an instructor
* Solo - Flight training with the student acting as pilot in command - no instructor.

PPL & CPL component

  • 64 hours solo Piper Warrior
  • 10 Hours solo Piper Arrow
  • 69 hours dual Piper Warrior
  • 14 hours dual Piper Arrow
  • 4 hours Flight Simulator

2. Flight tests

Flight test for PPL
Flight test for CPL
Flight test for Instrument Rating

3. Theory

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge theory course (including books & exam) - 2 weeks full time
PPL theory course(including books & exam) - 4 weeks full time
CPL theory course (including books & exam) - 4 weeks full time

4. All briefings by instructors

5. Equipment and Materials

6. Uniform


The course fee includes all theory, textbooks, and exam and flight test for the first attempt only, navigation equipment, maps etc and initial issue CASA documents.
Should the student require additional training or have to re-sit any exam or flight test, the additional cost will be charged at current published rates.
Landing fees and en-route navigation charges shall be charged separately. An invoice shall be issued every 12 weeks from course commencement and upon course completion.
Licence issue fees are not included and are payable directly to CASA.