With the current worldwide aviation boom and shortage of pilots, there has NEVER been a better time to get started with an aviation career!

Current forecasts are that the global jet fleet will almost double in the next 20 years with a demand for 18,000 new pilots per year. With job prospects looking this good, an investment in your pilot licence certainly makes sense.

Not only will you be getting into an exciting new career with all the benefits of prestige, travel and great job satisfaction but you’ll also have the opportunity to earn great money while you’re doing so!

If it’s not an airline career you’re after there will always be plenty of jobs in areas like Charter, Coastal Surveillance, Flying Instructing, Aerial Crop Spraying, Corporate Pilot and Air Ambulance.

For most jobs you will require as a minimum, a Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi Engine Endorsement and Multi Engine Instrument Rating.

Official Representative for following Universities:

Australian National Airline College

Australian National Airline College will provide you with the skills you need to apply for your first job. Like many student pilots who have trained with us and now fly for various airlines throughout the world, Australian National Airline College provides the grounding you need to get your career off to a flying start.....read more

Basair Aviation College

Basair is a progressive, imaginative and exciting school that provides specialized training with professionalism and real emphasis on safety.. We have a wide range of quality training courses, a diverse fleet of aircraft maintained to the highest standards, a building with the best in facilities and most importantly - a professional team of instructors....read more

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